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New Jersey & New York Family Law More Than 20 Years of Experience

Park & Caporrino has spent the last two decades advocating for our clients’ rights and best interests in family law matters. Your personal situation is unique and requires sensitive attention and the experience of attorneys with an exceptional family law practice. Whether the personal facts or your matter requires aggressive advocacy in the forums of litigation, mediation or arbitration, the attorneys at Park & Caporrino are prepared to help you resolve the issues important to you and your family.

We Provide Legal Assistance in All Areas of Family Law

We invite you to seek our legal assistance for any of the following family law areas:

  • Divorce
  • Establishing a fair child support award and enforcing or modifying that award when the need arises.
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Alimony and separate maintenance
  • Juvenile dependency and delinquency proceedings
  • Complex asset valuation cases
  • Pre-nuptial, post-nuptial, and mid-marriage agreements

The Value of Experienced Divorce Counsel

Divorce can take and emotional and financial toll on you and your family. Park & Caporrino knows that divorce clients need caring and sensitive attention. Divorce cases require more than legal knowledge. We’ve handled countless divorces, and understand that they touch all facets of your family’s daily life. Dividing assets, child support, custody and parenting time and alimony are just a few of the many issues to which we pay close attention. Our attorneys will work to acquire the best possible solution to your needs.

Legal Concerns for Family Law Clients


A divorce shouldn’t result in a financial crisis. Our legal team will help establish an equitable amount of spousal support.

Child Support

Our attorneys will make sure you receive or pay a fair and equitable amount required to raise your children in a happy and healthy environment, based upon the needs of the parties and the ability to pay.

Equitable Distribution

Our attorneys aid you in gaining the best equitable results from divorce through mediation, litigation, or arbitration. We fairly distribute the marital home and other assets.

Child Custody and Parenting Time

One of the most stressful issues that confront divorcing or separating couples is establishing a custody and parenting time agreement that allows the children, when appropriate, to continue to enjoy a relationship with both parents.

Child Support Enforcement and Modification

If the custodial or noncustodial parent experiences a change in their financial circumstances that affects their ability to support the children, our attorneys can help you arrange a modification of child support payments; or to enforce the payments if the supporting parent fails to pay.


Mediation often produces more predictable and expedient results than a trial because it gives you control of the decision-making process. We’ll assist you in achieving your most equitable divorce settlement through mediation.


There are certain situations in which a private arbitration proceeding is the appropriate forum to resolve all issues related to a divorce. We can help you determine if arbitration is the right forum in which to resolve your dispute and we will provide representation throughout that process.

Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial, and Mid-Marriage Agreements

Park & Caporrino knows the unexpected is to be expected, so we can help to protect your interests as they relate to assets acquired prior to the marriage through the preparation of enforceable premarital post-nuptial and mid-marriage agreements.

Compassionate Counsel for Domestic Violence

Offenses one commits against a spouse, former spouse, someone they’re dating or were dating, another household member or a roommate is classified as domestic violence. Assault, battery, harassment, and other offenses can lead to serious consequences. Based upon the facts of the case, the outcome can be criminal charges, a Temporary Restraining Order or a Final Restraining Order. These orders can force a person to leave a residence and prohibit contact with their alleged victim, children and other family members. A victim may also obtain monetary damages, child and spousal support, court-ordered anger management, supervised visitation of the children, counseling, and reporting and registration requirements.

For domestic violence representation of plaintiffs and defendants or any other family law issue, call Park & Caporrino today.

We Are Here to Help