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Park & Caporrino Assists with Divorce-Related Legal Issues

Getting a divorce can be stressful for a litany of reasons, but the family law attorneys at Park & Caporrino can assume some of the burden by assisting with divorce-related legal issues for clients in New York and New Jersey. Our team is based in Leonia, NJ, but we are familiar with laws and statutes in each state, so we can skillfully represent you regardless of where you live. On top of the stress of separating from a partner, a divorce involves dividing assets, agreeing on child custody schedules, and determining child support and alimony, among other decisions. Do not attempt to handle your situation alone. Rely on Park & Caporrino’s lawyers to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Call us today to get started.

Our Team Helps Individuals File for Divorce in NY and NJ

Relationships never begin with a long-term goal of divorce. But lifestyle changes and mutual differences sometimes necessitate such action. To legally end your marriage, you will need to file the appropriate paperwork with the court system in your state. Park & Caporrino can help you organize these family law forms and explain the process of filing them, notifying your spouse, and completing a divorce. Even if you are still on good terms with your spouse, we recommend soliciting assistance from a seasoned family law lawyer to protect your interests. During proceedings, we will help with all divorce-related legal issues, including:

Dividing Assets

Laws regarding property division and distribution vary by state, but Park & Caporrino’s family law attorneys are proud to represent you so that you may keep your belongings. Assets that we can help you divide include anything that you and your partner accumulated during the marriage, including money, personal property, real estate, business interests, stocks, and even debt. Our team will negotiate with your partner or his or her attorney to reach a reasonable conclusion regarding assets. If that cannot be accomplished, we will argue on your behalf in front of a judge.


Alimony, or spousal support, is a factor in many divorce proceedings. It is a way of protecting an individual if he or she will face hardships without financial support. Courts attempt to help each party in a divorce maintain the standard of living to which he or she has become accustomed. However, this element of divorce is somewhat arbitrary. If you believe you should receive alimony, we will present your case to the court with well-reasoned legal precedents. However, if you do not think you should owe alimony payments, we will highlight the reasons that may be true.

Custody and Parenting Time

Custody of minor children is typically one of the most highly-contested elements of a divorce. It is best when parents can agree on ways to co-parent or divide parenting time, but Park & Caporrino understands that is not always the case. Custody of children pertains not only to where a child physically lives, but also any significant decisions regarding his or her health, education, and more. Either form of custody can be joint or sole, and our family law attorneys will fight for whatever is best for you and the children. When plausible, we can also help in negotiations or mediation to help you reach an agreement with your spouse.

Child Support

Our family law lawyers understand the guidelines regarding child support in New York and New Jersey. Typically, child support payments are based on each parent’s income and the division of parenting time. There are additional provisions for childcare, healthcare and insurance, special educational needs, and travel-related visitation expenses. Ultimately, the judge in your case will determine the proper amount of child support. Let us represent you to highlight the costs and resources necessary to raise your child so that we can ensure child support is sufficient and reasonable.

Contact Park & Caporrino Today

Going through a divorce can be a tough time. You must deal with heartbreak, a potential move, and myriad other matters. Let Park & Caporrino help with all your divorce-related legal issues to lighten your burden and allow you to focus on yourself and the next chapter in your life. We will assist with all matters pertaining to property distribution, alimony, custody, child support, and much more. Our family law attorneys are based in Leonia, NJ, but can assist clients in New Jersey or New York. If you are ready to file for divorce, contact us today.

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