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Park & Caporrino Can Help You Navigate Real Estate Litigation

Park & Caporrino has a team of expert lawyers who can handle real estate litigation cases in New York or New Jersey. From our office in Leonia, NJ, we have helped individuals throughout the region by providing real estate law expertise and high-quality legal representation for more than 20 years. Real estate litigation may deal with partitions, breaches of contract, adverse possession, or various other issues. If you are unfamiliar with the myriad statutes, you will be vulnerable to a wide range of legal troubles. Trust the team with a reputation for hard work, attention to detail, and achieving the best possible outcomes for all of its clients. Call Park & Caporrino today for advice.

We Provide Comprehensive Real Estate Litigation Services

New York and New Jersey are renowned for their robust real estate markets. With an abundance of property owners, transactions, and developments come laws and regulations to ensure equity. Park & Caporrino is familiar with all state statutes and case law and can represent clients in real estate litigation if any are ever violated. Our highly-skilled real estate attorneys have decades of experience representing clients embroiled in all types of real estate litigation. As a result, we can handle disputes including but not limited to:


If you and another person jointly own a piece of property, it may be necessary to partition the land to separate controlling interests. Park & Caporrino can help you understand your options when this is the case. Joint property owners often have different ideas about what is best. If you own a piece of property with a sibling, spouse, or friend but cannot agree on how to use it, a partition is likely your best option. A partition divides the interest of the parties in the property so that each party may move forward independently. Whether you choose this route voluntarily or require the court’s assistance, it is best to obtain legal counsel from Park & Caporrino. We will help ensure you get your fair share of the deal.

There are two main types of partition – partition in kind and partition by sale. A partition in kind separates individual interests into distinct portions. This is typically the best route when parties are amenable. A partition by sale involves selling the entire property and dividing the proceeds among all the owners. Let Park & Caporrino help you during a partition case to protect your rights and assets.

Breach of Contract

Unfortunately, some real estate transactions end with a breach of contract. But New York and New Jersey laws protect the non-offending parties. Park & Caporrino’s real estate lawyers will review the contracts and related documents and protect you if another party wrongfully refuses to transfer a title or defaults on a purchase agreement. You may be entitled to monetary damages or specific performances because of the breach. Let us help ensure you get what you deserve.

Adverse Possession

There are complicated laws regarding adverse possession in New York and New Jersey, but they stipulate that a person in possession of land owned by another party may acquire a valid title to it if common law requirements are met and the adverse possessor is in possession for a predetermined period of time. Our experienced real estate lawyers will help explain the common law requirements and statutes to help you with real estate litigation involving adverse possession. When necessary, we will represent you in court to help ensure rightful property ownership.

Contact Park & Caporrino Today

Real estate law is complicated for an abundance of reasons. There are many statutes, court decisions, and potential pitfalls. But the experienced attorneys at Park & Caporrino in Leonia, NJ are highly-skilled in all areas of real estate litigation practice. We have been representing clients throughout New York and New Jersey for more than 20 years, so you can rest assured we are familiar with all types of cases. If you need legal representation for a lawsuit involving a breach of contract, partition, or adverse possession, depend on our team. Contact us today for a consultation.

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