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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Great service, professional, responsible and sincerely to resolve my case. I really appreciate them and highly recommend their service.

Byung Lim Hwang

I had a landlord/tenant issue and consulted with Mr. Caporrino for some information or to represent me, he gave me vital advice that assisted me with my case. He also directed me to agencies in my area that would be able to assist me without a cost. I wrote him multiple tedious emails and he took the time to respond to all.


My friend got Great advice from this attorney and has helped her out tremendously I give him five stars for giving out advice I’m really helping people in the community highly recommend him - He responded with my friend five times as a free consultation and gave her 100% accurate advice.


My husband and I hired Lawyer James Caporrino and he was very helpful. Though we contacted him in a very limited time for our case for which we were being sued for wrongfully, he took the case and worked on it in a timely manner. At the end of the day everything went well to our favor more than we even expected. He knows his work and he is a very brilliant Lawyer in our opinion.
Every step he took in handling our case was well explained to us in a timely manner and that kept us informed about our next step. This was very helpful.

Hire Lawyer James Caporrino for your case and you will testify great about his great job done.


I hired Mr Caporrino for a dispute I had regarding a tenet and not paying on time or in full. Mr Caporrino was straight forward with me and knowledgeable on the matter. He resolved the matter with a favorable outcome. I would recommend him.


We are very satisfied with the services with James. He is definitely a pro on the landlord/tenant area, and has been very helpful, responsive and knowledgable throughout the process.

I would highly recommend James to anyone who are looking for a top-notch attorney caring not only about your case, but also about you.


Thank you so much for your time and patience I highly recommend.


Mr. Caporrino was successful in resolving our dispute with our landlord (outside of court.) He was generous with his time both during our phone consult and during our in-person meeting. Mr. Caporrino responded quickly to our e-mails and immediately worked on addressing our issue with the landlord. We were relieved to have found a personable and trustworthy lawyer after interviewing several in the area. We highly recommend his services.

Amanda Allen

I am having a problem getting out of my lease. I'm moving because the tenant above me is so loud. Mr. Caporrino was able to return my call Monday morning. He gave me helpful input and advice.


I had taken help of James, for case against my Tenant.
James handled it very well for me and even helped me beyond the work he was retained for.

I really appreciate his support.


After interviewing several attorneys to handle a landlord/tenant issue, I found that most attorney's are anxious to litigate and most had to review the specific law in advance prior to giving me any direction. When I first interviewed Jim, I found him to be the most knowledgeable in tenant/attorney law and felt confident that he would help to resolve our issue instead of litigating. Not only did Jim, avoid litigation for us, he was able to absolve the contract in dispute and get us refunded most of the monies paid out toward that contract. Jim worked directly on our issue and I was not passed off on lower level staff to do the leg work. I was highly satisfied with the work that Jim did for us and would recommend him to any one with similar tenant/landlord issues.


Great lawyer. Was very knowledgable and friendly. Not sure how his prices compare as I have not needed many lawyer services but I can say I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer.


He met all criteria for excellent lawyering of our landlord-tenant matter. This included prompt, decisive actions and promptly informing us of such, consistently straightforward and clear communications, a firm grasp of applicable law, and very reasonable and fair billing.


I posted a landlord tenant question on this board while also doing my own research. After finding the answers myself and wanting an attorney practicing in that area to confirm/elaborate, Mr. Capporino's answer was detailed, accurate and timely. (The majority of the other answers from other attorneys were inaccurate, and misleading.)


Many people think that you need a lawyer if you are in bad standing with the law. But what many people do not realize is that in 90% of the times you need a very good lawyer even if you are in very good standing with the law. That was my case. I had a large real estate business transaction, and the other party was not respecting and following the business contracts as it should. But the problem was that the other party was doing it by walking a fine line between legal and breaking the rules, in the grey area where it is difficult to prove it. In the end the business deal was terminated, and I was in a position of losing a large amount of money. So I hired Mr. Caporrino. I knew his reputation as an excellent attorney, but the case was a complicated one, and no guaranty that it can be own.

Fortunately for me Mr. Caporrino exceeded all expectations. He took a methodic and analytical approach to the case. He collected all the evidences, including reports from different NJ State departments and offices, business contract and engagements, witnesses and officials depositions, and he was able to prove that the other party indeed violated the business contract, and they also made false statements to the authorities, in order to get the upper hand on the contract and to promote their interests.

With such kind of proof, the other party had no alternative, but to accept their wrong doing. The settlement which followed allowed me to recover all the money invested on that failed real estate business transaction, as well as the legal expenses.

Excellent job Mr. Caporrino!!!


We're happy with the professional service of Mr. Caporrino and his office. The case went smoothly without delay.


I was fortunate to be referred to Mr. Caporrino, a man who is not only personable, has great knowledge and experience with divorce law, the divorce process and the court system. He answered all of my questions with patience and alleviated my concerns, while guiding me to a resolution that was beneficial to my myself and my children.


Mr. Caporrino took the time to explain procedures to us and what the possible outcomes would be so that we could make an informed decision. He always responded when we sent him inquiries usually within the day. He did an excellent job helping us evict a non paying tenant and getting another tenant to start paying their rent.


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