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Park & Caporrino Can Represent You in Child Support Cases

Park & Caporrino’s family law attorneys have been helping individuals in New York and New Jersey achieve the best possible outcome for determining the support of their unemancipated children for more than two decades. Our clients have come to expect exceptional professionalism, comprehensive awareness of family law statutes, and aggressive representation. We are committed to doing what is best for you and your family, so we will thoroughly explain the child support process, and diligently represent you to secure a fair support award. Call our office in Leonia, NJ as soon as you need assistance in a child support case.

Understanding Child Support and its Purpose

Child support is an ongoing monetary contribution from one parent to another to help pay for living, medical, and other expenses for a child or children. When a couple with children divorces or separates, and cannot agree upon a proper level of support, it is often necessary to seek court intervention to make sure the children have access to the financial resources to which they are entitled by the law. There are state guidelines in New York and New Jersey that help determine how much child support is warranted. These guidelines are based on each parent’s income as well as the amount of time each spends with the child or children. The court may also order additional child support to cover childcare, healthcare expenses, educational needs, and travel-related visitation costs. Park & Caporrino can help you reach a fair and equitable settlement with your former partner to make sure your child gets everything he or she needs.

What to Expect During a Child Support Lawsuit

Among the goals of child support is ensuring your child shares your standard of living. When a child support case goes to court, each parent must provide his or her most recent tax returns for the state to review. Parents must also file pay stubs to highlight their earnings. In addition, the court will ask for documentation of expenses such as food, rent, healthcare, clothing, education, childcare, and more. Park & Caporrino can help you file the family law forms necessary to prove your economic standing to the judge and guarantee a fair child support agreement for your children. Our family law attorneys will argue on your behalf, whether you are trying to fight for money you believe your child deserves or you are trying to protect your assets from a bitter ex-spouse requesting more than what is necessary.

Park & Caporrino Can Help File Child Support Objections

Child support cases can get contentious. Following a divorce or breakup, there are often ill feelings between the parties that can spill over into child support hearings. While the focus should always be on your children, unrelated issues may arise that negatively impact your son or daughter. If you believe your child support agreement is insufficient, you can contest or appeal the award. Reach out to Park & Caporrino for assistance as soon as you get your court order.

We Will Help You Deal with Child Support Violations

If your former partner owes you child support but is not paying, we can help you file a motion to enforce the support award in court. Generally, a child support payor will have the support obligation garnished from his or her wages or will pay the support through the local county probation department’s Child Support Enforcement Unit. Hoewever, if the support is being paid directly to the parent receiving the support, the lawyers at Park & Caporrino can help you file a motion to enforce the support award. A hearing will likely follow to determine whether the award should be enforced. We will argue on your behalf to prove that you are not receiving what is due, at which point the court may order a lump sum payment, order the support collection unit to garnish wages or take other action. Your child’s best interests are of the utmost importance, so our family law lawyers will fight for your family.

Call Park & Caporrino for Child Support Assistance Today

If you and your child’s parent decide it is best to part ways, that should not affect your child’s standard of living. Child support is a way to help ensure your son or daughter has the care and resources he or she needs. Park & Caporrino represents parents during child support cases in New York or New Jersey. Our aggressive family law attorneys will work hard to make sure your son or daughter’s lifestyle is not disrupted because you and your partner separated. Contact our team in Leonia, NJ today to schedule a consultation.

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