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For cases that require experience in landlord-tenant law, you need the attorneys of Park & Caporrino. The attorneys at Park & Caporrino have extensive expertise specific to this branch of law. We offer representation for both tenants and landlords in commercial and residential settings. We will help to review, negotiate and draft comprehensive commercial and residential leases as well as all notices required by law relating to eviction actions.

Our attorneys recognize the pitfalls and problems that can accompany leases because we understand the relevant law. Commercial leases in particular are quite complex and a commercial tenant can easily obligate themselves to significant liability if they do not understand the terms of the lease. We can help tenants and landlords navigate the process to negotiate the most favorable lease terms and reduce your risk of liability. A good relationship between a tenant and landlord starts with a lease that is fair to both parties. Park & Caporrino’s experienced legal team will advise you on the many aspects of achieving and maintaining a mutually beneficial landlord-tenant relationship.

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